WATCH! Dear Chelsey

WATCH! Dear Chelsey

This month is an anniversary month of several events that had to happen for Dear Chelsey to ever be made. It is the award-winning documentary that I produced, directed, shot, and edited – and I am very proud of it.

It was made to give people a glimpse of the world I lived every day for 13 years while I worked with children’s hospitals in the US and Canada. It’s something that people just don’t get unless they experience it first hand. ورق باصرة At the same time, I’ve never had a sick kid in the hospital so I only know it from observing – but I’m always an attentive observer so notice almost everything.

While you enjoy the Christmas season – or whatever holiday you celebrate – remember that right now there are kids with cancer (and their parents and siblings) at Texas Childrens Cancer Center and at other hospitals all over the US who will be spending this time in the hospital fighting a dragon. Some will win, and some will not.

These families would rather be doing what you’re doing. Waiting too long for a table at a restaurant, being stuck in traffic, hunting parking spaces, and wondering how they’re going to pay for gifts – some are wondering what they would have bought for their child this year if their child were still alive.

This film is not meant to be a downer – it is in fact meant to help you appreciate the good things you have in your life – even if they’re small things – and also to give you hope.

There are very smart people who wake up every day who work to make life better for these sick kids. كل الالعاب في الانترنت They will outsmart cancer and they will beat the dragon. 1xbet مصر

Please watch Dear Chelsey and share it with your friends.