Digital Film

There is a lot of talk about storytelling these days – as if telling stories is something new.

“Story” was not recently invented by some ad agency, reality TV producer, social engineer, or me. Fact is, since before people were painting on the walls of caves, stories have been used to teach us, entertain us, and move and inspire us.

I want you to see or hear something real that you will never forget.

When stories are told with authenticity, it feels different. You’re not a manipulated target of a blatant marketing message that is trying to sell you a product or an idea. Authenticity and agenda cannot occupy the same space at the same time – audiences know the differnce because real, is real.

Completely un-scripted and completely self-produced, here are some samples of what I do.

Do you know of story that you think should be told?  Tell me about it.

Day of the Child

Day of the Child is a celebration each year on April 30th that was born in Mexico. There, it is known as Dia del Niño. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals developed a month long text to give campaign to support local CMN Hospitals.

Miracle Marathon

Miracle Marathon is a 27 day virtual running/activity event. We follow the story of Peyton who is living with a tumor in her brain.  Yet in spite of this and the challenges that come with it, she remains active and works hard to be as normal as she can be – even playing competitive tennis.


Race is a localized campaign created for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital affiliates.  Every hospital has thousands of grateful families that want to do what they can to help make sure other kids get the same care they got. See the full series on the Race2$100k Vimeo channel.

Dear Chelsey

December 20, 2009 through January 1 2010, I spent on a unique journey following Houston radio host Kevin Kline during a 13 day series of running marathons from Dallas to Houston. This is a story about one guy, inspired by one girl, and the differnce being made in the lives of pediatric cancer patients.