Talent is the heart of terrestrial radio programming.

Many of those talent have been finding that out over recent years as radio companies that need to slash their budgets just so that they may continue to exist often look first to talent payrolls to reduce their expenses.

RADIO is only a delivery system.

Those companies think they’re saving money and, at least initially, maybe they are by eliminating salaries. But the reality is that they’re losing their souls and removing the very thing that makes them unique.

The single programming element that cannot be duplicated by another station is TALENT.

Talent displaced by these misguided decisions probably know that their shows can be broadcast from any studio – or even from their home – and delivered via live stream or published for on-demand listening. But if you don’t know how to do it, then it might seem overwhelming.

Content is the product. Live streaming and on-demand is simply a different way to deliver that content.

Digital Broadcast Services


Streaming and digital delivery is certainly not new, though the tools to do both are better than they’ve ever been.


I work privately with talent to make the transition to digital and get their show back in the ears of their audience.


Starting with a conversation to discuss what you have done and what you want to do, we’ll figure out which solutions might make sense for you. Covering everything from studio setup, workflow for live and on-demand broadcasts, remote talent – everything you need to move to digital.


If you decide you want make the move to digital, tell me about your broadcast property. We can get started right away.


You can do it. I can help.




  • Technical Needs Evaluation
  • Audio Streaming
  • Streaming and On Demand Design and Development
  • Remote location talent
  • Equipment Selection
  • Online and Mobile App Development