Flyby Photo

Flyby Photo

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Just about everyone knows about the low-pass flyby of Air Force One over lower Manhattan that occurred the last week of April. Don’t know which side of the coin you fall on but I think it was amazingly insensitive and like all things the Fed is involved with, we will know the truth as they see fit.

However the issue at hand is the purpose of the flyby (a photo op) and the final result. I guess that would be a photo. Also of interest would be the cost – I think I heard it was about $330,000 give or take.

Minutes ago, the photo was released to the public. (This is done late on Friday so that it does not become part of the news cycle that people pay attention to, by the way. It’s how a story is buried.) We’re all hyped up for our weekends to start and we don’t really give a flying crap about flying crap.

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Here is the official photo:

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I couldn’t resist the urge to make my own.

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I cobbled this together using a couple of images I found online with the help of my friend, Google Image Search.


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You might be interested to know that:

  1. My pass was at a slightly lower altitude and my exposure was a bit better. (Also, not sure what the dark area is in the lower right side of the official photo.  Might literally be a shadow from the edge of the interior of the aircraft carrying the photographer. Sloppy.)
  2. My photo shoot was 100% “green” as there were no CO2 emissions from a 747 or any military chase planes.
  3. I didn’t terrorize the residents and visitors of the most populated city in the US by forcing them to relive what they remember as the worst day in recent US history.

Best of all – because I’m feeling so generous – I’m doing it for less than half the cost of the original.

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