If you didn’t know, for over 13 years I worked with an organization called Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Even though I recently left the company, those were some of the most fulfilling years of my entire life.  I had experiences few will ever have and met people – mostly kids – who I will never forget. CMN Hospitals was founded by none other than Marie Osmond – yes, that one and John Schneider – yes, that one.

Over those years I had a number of occasions to spend time with John and Marie, and since these are typically entertainment and fundraising events, we were working.  I have also seen them in some very sincere moments when they realize this “thing” they helped to create 30 years ago has literally helped millions and millions of kids – it’s hard to not get caught up in the emotion when you are with one of those kids who saved because of the help that has been provided by a hospital you support. You’ve given them life and hope and another chance.

I never see them caught up in their own lives. Also rare is capturing that moment when it happens.

Jeremy Cowart, did capture it.

Nothing beats authenticity because there is ALWAYS a story.

You should see this.