I’m packing this morning to head to Detroit for the Uptown Film Festival.  My debut film, Dear Chelsey has been nominated for Best Domestic/International Documentary
(showing Saturday at Birmingham 8 at 12:45) and I’m flying later today with my wife – it should be a fun weekend if we make it. (No…12:45 in the AFTERNOON. Dork.)


The problem is that the sun got a little gassy from some disruption in the universe or maybe some bad chili but a couple of days ago it spewed and now that spew is nearing earth.  The magnetic disruptions are expected to affect all kinds of things like phone communications as well as GPS navigation for aircraft. oral ivermectin for canine mange

So here is my last request…if the plane goes down, I want my ashes sent to Seth MacFarlane.  Said ashes should also be featured in an upcoming episode of American Dad and used in a cross-promote on Family Guy. ivermectin pour on pregnant pigs It would also be nice if the ashes could be used in a Halloween episode of the Cleveland Show – some kind of a haunting maybe – but I don’t want to come off as being greedy.

After that Seth can send the ashes back to my kids or flush ’em. ivermectina é seguro  I don’t care.

If you know me very well, then you know I’m not afraid of flying or dying…but if I do…I want to make the best of it.