Ok…I really am a capitalist and I think a person should be able to earn as much money as another person is willing to pay them with NO limits. Yes, there are a number of outrageous examples of young, skanky, starlets being paid $100k to show at a club and sit at the bar for an hour – not worth a cent to me – but oh well.

In my own life, I get paid to read words. Commercials. Documentaries. Corporate Training. TV Promos. Political ads. I have been paid ridiculous amounts of money to read 4 or 5 words.  To most people that isn’t worth a cent, but those who hire me are quite happy to pay.

While I’m not a big NBA fan, I am in awe of any athlete who can play a game that requires such physical stamina, play it extremely well, and be paid millions to do it.   The owners are happy to pay the players because they can obviously still make money or gain some other advantage by paying them to play so, why not?

Now there is a problem.  I’m not sure what it is because I don’t follow the game but there is a lockout and the first two weeks of the NBA season have been cancelled.  (They did meet for 12 hours the other day so they must be absolutely exhausted.)

Back in the late 90’s the NBA had a labor issue much like this one.  I was working at KSD-FM in St. Louis – in its final days as a Classic Rock station – and I produced this PSA.

I don’t really think they make too much – go back and read the first paragraph. But, I am allowed to make fun of it.

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