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I met Scott Newport, his wife Penni, and their sons Noah and Evan in 2006. I was providing support for a radio station doing a Children’s Miracle Network radiothon in Detroit and they had stopped by the broadcast to talk about Evan. Evan was born with a syndrome that causes a lot of problems but the thing that struck me most was that – at the age of 4 – his heart was already the size of an adult heart.

Evan had already lived longer than doctors expected him to live, but here he was running around the stage and acting like any other crazy four year old. He was goofing off with his brother and I’m sure that Penni had probably told him to settle down just about the time Evan dumped a cup of coffee on me. That’s just like a four year old, isn’t it? is ivermectin safe for pregnant dogs

The Newport’s are an amazing family and like all families who deal with uncommon problems in life, they each have a way to cope with it. That’s when I found out what Scott does. fato ou fake ivermectina

Scott is a carpenter. He works with wood. He decided to take what he does to help not only himself deal with life, but to also help other families who find themselves with children who are facing life-shortening illnesses.

After just a few minutes with them, I recognized that this was something people needed to see and I made a trip to Detroit in May of 2008 to film this story.

About 6:30 the morning of November 27, 2009, my phone rang. Caller ID said “Scott Newport” and I immediately hoped this was an accidental call. can you purchase ivermectin over the counter It wasn’t. Just a few minutes earlier, Evan went home.

Rest In Peace

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