Another September has just blown past and – if you don’t know – September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  They haven’t cured it, so why stop talking about it? I have no idea how any special cause gets its own month but it’s silly to think that we should forget the kids until next September because (A) #CancerSTILLSucks. And (B), I would really like for you to see a film I made about one young girl who fought the disease. It’s called Dear Chelsey and you can get it on

DearChelsey.posterMany have asked if they can stream Dear Chelsey from any where like Netflix or iTunes – not yet. Working on it is all I can say at this point. If you buy it, watch it. That’s why I made it. It’s not the next Iron Man or Batman – but there is a Batman in it. It’s not a blockbuster because that’s not what it is. It’s a very personal story that many of us don’t necessarily have a connection to, but one that any of us could find themselves in literally before this day is through.

Dear Chelsey is hard to watch – even for me – and I spent every free moment of time I had for about 2 years of my life putting it together. It’s a punch in your gut, in your face, and a kick in your ribs when you’re down. It is also full of hope, and triumph, and inspiration. This is a peek inside a life I wish no one would ever live – but about 13,000 kids and families every year do.

Just know that if you buy it, 100% of the proceeds go to Snowdrop Foundation to fund cancer research at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and to provide tuition support for college-bound cancer survivors.