Everett Marshall

My career has been spent in the realm of creative services, starting in radio as an on-air host. I developed writing, voiceover, and audio skills there as well writing and producing thousands of commercials and promos.

While at CBS Radio/St. Louis, our station (Y98/KYKY) was given an opportunity to produce stories for a fundraising broadcast for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It was the most successful charity event I had ever been a part of, raising $326,000 in just two and a half days.

That started a 13-year stint with CMN Hospitals where my skills were used to train hospitals how to identify the best stories to tell, coach radio talent on how to move through an interview to get the most compelling audio and consult during live broadcasts to present the most engaging programming, as well as helping radio sales departments in identifying synergistic promotional partners to ensure the best results.

I have a great deal of interest in helping both well established and newly established nonprofits optimize their efforts to attract and retain support from corporations to individual donors with smart strategies that begin with an essential structure, methods, and content development.