Cause Media Portfolio


I have spent my career working in creative fields and a great deal of that working with nonprofit organizations to help them attract donors, keep donors, and raise money.

I’ll help your charity find the stories and create compelling cause content to boost support AND strengthen relationships with your corporate supporters as well.

Over the years, I have produced thousands of stories – audio and video – and consulted organizations in how to use the media.

And, if your for profit company already recognizes the benefits that social impact can have on your brand, let me help you make sure that the support you provide to your choice charities pays off for both companies.

Below you’ll see the kind of media I create to accomplish those goals – if you would like to see if I can help you reach yours, let’s connect.

Evan Newport


Within a few minutes of meeting the Newport family at a Detroit radiothon, I knew I wanted to shoot the story. Evan’s story is not connected to the hospital or any organization and it was never attached to any campaign. It’s just about Evan and his dad an amazing parallel his dad found working with scrap wood.


Produced for Tucson Medical Center for Children as component of a retention campaign. This along with another media was originally used for “Day of the Child” texting campaign and re-purposed twice from other campaigns including internal and external programs at Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco in Tucson.

Dear Chelsey

The trailer for the feature-length documentary I produced about a 15 year old cancer patient at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and how she inspired one man to run across Texas. I shot, edited, produced, and directed the entire film The film can be seen here.


When you think of hearing a story about a kid who has cancer, this is probably not the kind of story you would imagine hearing. Greta was treated at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis. It takes a special person to thell the story. My job was staying out of the way.


One of my favorite pieces because Camryn is just amazing. This media was part of the Day of the Child texting campaign. Dia del Nino is a big deal in Mexico and our intention was to use it as a Hispanic program with an English component.

What You Do

An internal media used at a staff meeting for CMN Hospitals in Salt Lake City. I built kinetic text with three road stories and the message that even though office staff might not get to see how they make a difference, they are making life better for kids everywhere.

Go RED for Women

This is Karen and her story is one of a series of eight and the campaign was her idea. People holding up cards with words written on them is nothing new, but I went further to find something striking in each story.

Miracle Marathon

This is Day 3 of the first Miracle Marathon series with Peyton Palermo. Sixteen daily medias and one promo along with other email and social component were released of the course of a month long campaign to encourage people to get up and start moving.