The Battle for Hearts


Anyone who works in the non-profit sector knows what a misunderstood industry it really is.


Most NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) are not simply asking for “free money” as many believe. Charities spend a majority of the time working to acquire donors – and it doesn’t matter if those donors are giving their money or their time, the real fight charities are in is a battle for hearts.


That is a battle that I know how to fight.


Winning the heart of a donor is actually not difficult, but that is not what most organizations try to do. Most are working to just get a donation and don’t think much about that donor until they ask for another. And when the donor has no emotional attatchment to your organization or mission, they have no reason to stay with you.


The real fight charities are in is a battle for hearts.


What happens after that initial “win” is what will determine whether or not the relationship with that donor is long-term – or if you even have a relationship at all.


Nearly all donors will eventually leave you and how long they stay depends upon having an effective strategy to steward them. That is why so much of my work is targeted to have positive influence on donor retention.


There is no magic bullet – much of what I do focuses on distributing compelling media through social as well as owned-channels, live events, and broadcast.


One of my greatest advantages is that I am a small company – nimble and agile with no layers of bureaucracy or political agendas. It’s just me – driven by my passion to help you help more people.


But I am also a choosey about what organizations I decide to consult. First, I do not partner with groups whose missions have a religious or political bent. Outside of those, I’d be happy to consider consulting any nonprofit, but you have to win my heart first.

If you can spark passion for your mission in me, I can help you.


Tell me about your organization if you’d like to know more.