Audio is important for nearly every kind of creative media project. At a time that video/visual media clearly takes precidence over 

When shooting video, many people don’t realize that a mic on a camera is too far away from a person talking to capture “clean” audio. That’s usually OK if you’re shooting a family video or you’re a kid just goofing, but if the video is supposed to represent you or your company professionally, or is for teaching purposes, audio matters.

With the abundance of easily accessible tools to record and edit, getting audio usually isn’t the problem. Getting QUALITY audio is the problem.

There’s more to it than just hooking up a mic to a recorder or computer, recording the sound or capturing LIVE in the field, and editing in a DAW like Pro Tools, Audition, or Logic.

Experience makes a difference from pre to post production. I’ve recorded, edited, and finished audio for thousands of projects over the years. No matter which medium you’re using, I can work with you to create the sound you need.


Sometimes its not creative audio services needed – sometimes you need audio rescued from old media or a critical piece of audio needs restoration by reducing or eliminating noise.

Just get in touch and tell me what you’ve got when you’re ready to discuss your project.


  • Broadcast/Non-broadcast
  • Audio for Video
  • Radio Commercials
  • Corporate/Internal
  • Trade Show
  • Training/Educational
  • Podcast Production and Editing
  • Video Game Audio
  • Audio Enhancement/Restoration
  • Location Recording