About LOOM Films

After spending over 20 years as a radio talent, producer, and voiceover talent, Everett Marshall founded LOOM Films in 2009 to facilitate the production of “Dear Chelsey“, his first feature-length documentary.

Before launching LOOM Films, Everett worked with over 170 highly regarded hospitals that are members of the international charity Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. He, along with a small team of people, consulted with over 300 radio stations each year to produce live broadcast events that supported each city’s local children’s hospitals and raised nearly a half-billion dollars during the time he was there. In 2013, Everett resigned his position with CMN Hospitals to devote his full attention to LOOM. في اي فريق يلعب كريستيانو رونالدو

Like small charities, LOOM Films is small and agile. Working with charitable organizations in the United States and Canada to create compelling and memorable digital films that show what a difference is made by the support they provide to their communities.

One of the missions of LOOM Films is to bring valuable storytelling tools to non-profits, allowing them to show to work they do in the communities they serve. – especially smaller organizations. These smaller groups are usually far more agile and efficient and they do great things, locally. ملاكمه They also don’t don’t have the human or financial resources of larger and they usually cannot afford the services LOOM offers. But their stories are the thing that can illustrate the impact that they’re having in their communities. لعبه اونو