Everett Marshall – Creative Samples


I’m looking forward to our upcoming meeting.

A brief overview/highlights of my career:

I spent my entire radio career in St. Louis work for a handful of stations. Beginning in the mid 80, I’ve worked for a Christian music station, KXOX, and then for KSD when it was a Classic Rock station which is where I started working with JC Corcoran. (We’ve been friends ever since.)

Spending some time marketing a local Mac-only computer store, I created and hosted the very first Mac-only computer radio show (The Mac Show) which had the attention of Apple in Cupertino and was tremendous fun. This was in the mid-90s and and we not only were on terrestrial radio but also streamed live and on-demand. Very few were doing this in those days.

Independently, I created and hosted a music/interview program, :120 In the Pit, a live two-hour show (modeled after Rockline) that featured Christian artists.

For about 5 years, I was the Creative Services Director for Y98 and KEZK working for Beth Davis and Smokey Rivers.

An opportunity was presented to work with the national office of Children’s Miracle Network. My job was to assist over 300 radio stations tell the stories of sick and injured kids at local children’s hospitals and during my time with them the program raised just under $500 million across the US and Canada.

Besides producing recorded broadcast content, I was responsible for pre-production meetings in the weeks leading up to the event which included talent coaching. Our partner stations were crossed the entire spectrum of small market to major and people with no ego to off-the-chart. With one exception, I was effective and completely comfortable no matter the situation. I also was the on-site producer at about 50 live events each year. Conducting pre-interviews with kids and families to prep for live interviews, I would gather information and identify the direction of the segment.

One of the relationships that came out of the radio stations I supported was that of a young pediatric cancer patient in Houston and a morning radio show host at KKBQ/93Q. Kevin Kline began running marathons in honor of Chelsey Campbell’s cancer fight and their relationship provided the inspiration for an award winning, feature-length documentary film, “Dear Chelsey”, (https://dearchelsey.com) which I directed, shot, edited, and produced.

As well as all of these activities, I have also been very busy with voiceover projects for clients in and out of St. Louis, the image voice for a few radio stations – even one in Saudi Arabia – a line of professional navigation products by Rand McNally, security training programs at American Express, the National Hockey League, and many, many others.

Below are several audio and video production and VO samples that illustrate the kind of work I do. Some are video stories I created for children’s hospitals and I’ve included those just to show you that I have a deep set of creative skills that go far beyond audio production. My belief is that having video capabilities is important for a modern media company, even when the focus is audio programming.

My home studio is very advanced and better than many or even most radio production studios I’ve used, and I make an effort to stay up to date on tools and techniques. Even as an employee of CBS radio and CMN Hospitals, I’ve always been an early adopter of tech and tools, and run and maintain my own software and hardware to stay current.

Thanks for reviewing this material – see you on Thursday.




Custom Foam Fabricators

I wrote, cast, and produced the ad for Custom Foam Fabricators. I am also the vintage announcer. Normally, I would not deliver a fully produced ad for what was merely a pitch meeting. However, the idea developed and scripted quickly, I had access to talent (including kids) and I personally wanted it for my demo – even if they didn’t buy. 

Unfortunately, they didn’t buy but I have a great piece for my creative reel that shows one example of what is possible.

Hollywood Tan

This is a script that I co-wrote a majority (70/30) and I am also the talent and producer. Hollywood Tan had been using a mascot (Hollywood Tan Man) and they were making a change. This was a transitional commercial to mark the change.


This is an example of the kind of audio stories I produced for thousands of radio fundraising events for CMN Hospitals. I produced between 2,500 and 3,000 of these.

Giggle Break

The Giggle Break is an idea I conceived to provide a programming element that was different from anything we had ever done.