CMN Hospitals Content Creation

There are likely very few people with the undersatnding of the world of children’s hospitals, their mission, the CMN Hospitals brand, and content experience that I have.

From the time I began working with CMN Hospitals as a freelancer in 2001 until I left in 2013, I produced between 2,500 and 3,000 audio stories for radiothon events. Over time, I learned both how to identify families with stories tell and how to persue story elements that are more compelling – more “sticky” – than the typical clinical kind of medias that focus on things things most people cannot relate to.

And I spent a lot of time considerding what more we could do with the kind of content I was capturing and what OTHER kinds we could create. I guess it wasn’t the right time to chase those ideas then, but it sounds like it might be now.

My role in radiothon was multifaceted and required attention to program execution, sponsorship, and fundraising and because I was also the only team member creating content, I have a deep understanding of how that content can help bring all these things together and be beneficial to each area. طريقه لعب الطاوله  

Besides having a high level of curiosity, one of the differences, I believe, in the way I approach story production compared to how others might is the advantage I had through close interaction with families at radio events and supporting hospitals. Most people don’t get to have that but traveling to hundreds of radiothon events, working in the hospitals, and getting to know families, gave me valuable perspective that can only be attained over time.

Helping kids and families tell their stories, is actually helping provide a type of care for them that medicine cannot. I’ve never experienced a family sharing their story to get people to feel sorry for them. They tell their stories to give back, to say thanks, and to explain why we should all support our local hospitals.

On each of these projects, I was a crew of one. Most involved travel. I can be completely self-sufficient and self-motivated BUT I also can work as part of a team.

I have a great deal to offer and I’d love to be in a position to be able to bring these ideas to the table and help other ideas be developed.

Evan Newport

Within a few minutes of meeting the Newport family at a Detroit radiothon, I knew I wanted to shoot the story. This is really the first one I ever produced- it’s not connected to the hospital or any organization. It’s just about Evan and his dad doing an amazing thing with wood..


Produced for Tucson Medical Center for Children as component of a retention campaign. This along with another media, “Solaine”, was originally used for “Day of the Child” texting campaign and re-purposed twice from other campaigns including internal and external programs at Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco in Tucson.

Dear Chelsey

The trailer for the feature-length documentary I produced about a 15 year old cancer patient at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and how she inspired one man to run across Texas. I shot, edited, produced, and directed the entire film The film can be seen here.


This is the piece of audio I most used to show radio talent an example of the kind of story we want to tell at radio events. There is no real clinical information, no discussion of treatment. We really just hear life being interuppted by cancer. online casino saudi arabia


One of my favorite pieces, this media was part of the Day of the Child campaign we attempted. Dia del Nino is a big deal in Mexico and our intention was to use as a Hispanic program with an English component.

What You Do

Internal CMN Hospitals presentstion used at a staff meeting in Salt Lake City. Kinetic text with three road stories and the message that even though office staff might not get to see how they make a difference, they are making life better for kids everywhere.

Go RED for Women

This is Karen and her story is one of a series of eight. The campaign was her idea – people holding up cards with words written on them – nothing new about that. But I went further to find something striking in each story. لعبة كوتشينة Karen’s “gold” are the letters.

Miracle Marathon

This is Day 3 of the first Miracle Marathon series with Peyton Palermo. One of sixteen daily medias and one promo.